At the Onslow Memorial Hospital Pharmacy, medication safety is always our top priority. We rely on advanced technology and well-honed skills to help us meet the goal of safe, reliable patient care, as we serve patients throughout the hospital each day. For instance, our electronic health record can detect patients' drug allergies to prevent allergic reactions, and based on height and weight information, our system can calculate maximum and minimum dosing for a specific patient. We are also able to detect and prevent drug interactions that could cause serious side effects.

We operate in an environment conducive to drug safety and are compliant with the latest standards in medication therapy monitoring and sterile preparation compounding. In addition to unit dose distribution and IV admixture, our pharmacy provides pharmacokinetic consult and operates a clinical pharmacy practice.

The department is staffed with certified, competent technicians and pharmacists working together to optimize patients' medication therapies while under our care.