Pedi­atrics and Neonatology

In this department, we see patients from infancy to age 17. In addition to top-notch medical care supported by the three local pediatrician practices and a staff of certified nurses, Onslow is also dedicated to providing a positive experience for both parents and children. All nurses are trained in compassionate strategies to minimize fears and maximize patient care for children of all ages. Our department playroom includes age-appropriate toys and videos to help create a positive experience for our patients. We welcome and encourage parents to remain with their children as much as possible, and provide accommodations for parents to stay overnight with their children at the hospital.

When it comes to your growing family’s safety, you’re in the best of hands at Onslow Memorial Hospital. You and your baby have the support of board-certified obstetricians and neonatologists, neonatal nurse practitioners and our experienced nursing staff.

With three levels of infant care and our experienced staff, Onslow Memorial is prepared for every type of birth situation. Our well-baby nursery meets the needs of routine births with little or no complications. Our Level II nursery offers comprehensive monitoring and observation for newborns born prematurely or those with jaundice, breathing or feeding problems.

Our Level III Nursery (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) provides care to newborns with intensive medical and nursing care needs. With the latest technology and equipment, Onslow's nurseries are able to monitor infant heart rates and oxygen levels, as well as implement ventilators and environment-controlled isolettes. This unit even serves other area healthcare facilities that lack advanced monitoring and care. You also will rest assured knowing your newborn is always protected by our infant security system.

We provide area families with more than high-quality medical care. We offer the reassuring peace of mind of knowing your little one is in the best hands medicine has to offer.

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