Geriatric medicine is a unique approach to primary care devoted to improving the health, independence and quality of life of older adults. Onslow’s geriatricians understand the special needs of patients as they age. Our focus is to maximize the health, mobility and cognizance of our patients in order to maintain a good balance between their level of independence and their quality of life.

Geriatricians pay close attention to the increasing complexity of their elderly patients’ healthcare needs. Mild problems can lead to a wide range of complications, which means simple health complaints are not taken lightly. Geriatricians listen closely, and pay special attention to the health concerns and medical history of their patients in order to treat or prevent diseases, and decrease the effects of aging on the body.

Geriatricians understand their patients’ concerns for independence, self-care and quality of life, but they also understand the practical need for additional care and safety. Our geriatricians can provide information about elder care options, including referrals for home care services, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities and hospice care when needed.

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