Mazor X Stealth

A minimally invasive approach to spinal surgery.

Onslow Memorial Hospital now offers minimally invasive spine surgery with the Mazor X™ Stealth Robotic Guidance System. The Mazor X provides patients with access to cutting-edge technology and offers the opportunity to experience spine surgery in a completely new way.

Why minimally invasive is better

Smaller incisions mean less trauma to the body, better preserving healthy tissue and diminishing the need for future spine surgeries. They also provide an easier road to recovery and cut down on time spent in the hospital to help you get back to the things you love.

Patient Benefits

  • Reduced pain and shortened recovery time
  • Increased accuracy, decreasing complications during and after surgery
  • Enhanced precision
  • Reduced radiation exposure from imaging equipment, providing a safer environment for the patient and surgeon, compared to traditional spine surgeries.

Revolutionary, but there's still a surgeon in control

The Mazor X is a surgical robot that provides the surgeon with 3D planning, guidance, and analytical tools. Before surgery, the system analyzes patient scans to assist the surgeon in creating a detailed preoperative plan. During surgery, the surgeon utilizes a robotic arm to guide tools and implants, which improves accuracy and provides an efficient and smooth surgery.

The Mazor X is a third-generation surgical robot and eighth-generation navigation system that builds on years of experience. In collaboration with Medtronic™, creators of the Mazor X, the Onslow Memorial surgical team is leveraging its knowledge and expertise to deliver enhanced care to patients across Eastern North Carolina.