Onslow Memo­r­i­al Car­diac Reha­bil­i­ta­tion Pro­gram, A Fam­i­ly that Empowers

February 12, 2024

Every year, over 1 million Americans have a coronary event or undergo a cardiac-related procedure. The stress of the surgery and recovery alone is difficult for the patient and their family members. This stress does not include the physical limitations your body will experience after surgery or a cardiac-related event. The aftercare and recovery information is overwhelming, and you might not know where to start, but you are not alone.

Meet Mr. Ralph Taylor, a participant in the Onslow Memorial Cardiac Rehab Program. Mr. Taylor went through a triple bypass surgery in October, and his biggest fear was being away from his family and having to recover in a nursing home. Mr. Taylor is still active in serving his community as a Board Member of the Onslow Memorial Hospital Authority. He wasn’t ready to be confined or limited. When he heard about our Cardiac Rehab Program, he was thrilled that he could recover close to home.

While attending classes three times a week, Mr. Taylor not only improved his physical health but also found a family and a group of people who understood his recovery journey.

Hear from Mr. Taylor and find out why he says the Onslow Memorial Cardiac Rehab Program is “the best" here.

If you have experienced a coronary event or undergone a cardiac-related procedure in the last year, you might be eligible to enroll in the Cardiac Rehab Program. Cardiac Rehab is a medically supervised program designed to improve your cardiovascular health. The class includes exercise counseling and training, counseling to reduce stress, and education for heart-healthy living. Talk to your healthcare provider and ask if they can refer you to Onslow Memorial Cardiac Rehab.