Wel­com­ing 2022

January 01, 2022

Happy New Year! I hope you and your families enjoyed quality time with one another over the past holiday season. With a new year comes new opportunities, and often times we use this time to begin new resolutions. It’s important, though, to remember to continue to care for ourselves while working towards our new goals. By making flexible resolutions, we give ourselves the grace to mess up every now and then without being intimidated by the ‘F’ word – failure.

One way to ensure you care for yourself while working on a new goal is to create resolutions specifically geared towards self-care. Resolving to do something for yourself, such as reading a book leisurely for one hour a week or learning how to knit, can do wonders for your mental health. Resolutions are all about bettering yourself and are not required to be related to what you eat or how much you weigh, and they certainly aren’t meant to make you less happy in the long run. Use this time to reflect on what would be best for you and would bring more joy to your 2022 when selecting a resolution.

I encourage you to take time for yourself in 2022 and to maintain resolutions that make you happier throughout the year. May you and your loved ones stay healthy and safe throughout 2022!