Reflect­ing on 2021

December 01, 2021

As seems to be the trend, 2021 was a year for the history books. Both the hospital and the world has experienced an immense shift in how healthcare is provided. From a global vaccination effort to switching to Meditech Live within our own system, you’ve been in the thick of it for over a year.

But it’s not been all bad days! This year, we received multiple awards and recognitions from local and state levels. These include:

  • Best Hospital – Jacksonville Daily News
  • #5 in North Carolina (Community Benefit) – Lown Institute
  • Stroke GOLD PLUS with Target: Type 2 Diabetes Honor Roll – American Heart Association
  • Patient Satisfaction and Clinical Distinction (Wound Care) – RestorixHealth
  • Best Hospitals Ranking, High Performing (COPD, Heart Failure, Kidney Failure) – US News

These achievements would not be possible without the hard work of our marvelous staff. It’s amazing what our team has accomplished while also battling COVID-19 for a second year. Nobody can make promises for the future, but I’m confident in our ability to face whatever storms blow our way together.

We adapt and adjust so quickly that we often don’t notice change in our lives until we look back and reflect on it. As we reach the end of another tumultuous year, it’s important to take time to acknowledge what has changed in our lives and how it makes us feel, and not just professionally. How have you personally changed over the last year and how does that make you feel? What advice would you like to give yourself if it were January 2021? What would a successful 2022 look like for you? What are some things you can change to bring that successful year into fruition? These are just examples of a few questions to ask as we prepare to welcome a new year full of new challenges, opportunities, and goals. I look forward to climbing every mountain with you in 2022!