Vol­un­teer Opportunites


We currently have opportunities for volunteers to serve various departments throughout the hospital. There are daytime, evening, and weekend shifts available. For information on you can become a part of our winning team of volunteers who have dedicated themselves to helping our community and our neighbors in a time when they need us the most, click here.


The VolunTEEN Program is popular and highly competitive among high school students who may or may not be interested in pursuing career in the medial field. Students are selected based on a review of their application; an interview with student and parent; availability of student to work a minimum of 8 hours per week on a set schedule; satisfactory teacher reference and current immunization record. It is important that students dedicate a major portion of their time to gain the most from their experience at Onslow Memorial Hospital.

In addition to the application, the student must present 1) a copy of their Immunization Record to include any up to date COVID 19 vaccination, 2) one teacher reference, 3) signed Parental Consent Form and 4) signed Authorization and Release to use Likeness / Information Form. The latter two forms are links in this message or can be emailed to you.

Current OMH guidelines outline that COVID vaccines are not required as part on the onboarding process. Any VolunTEEN onboarding who has had COVID vaccines must submit required documentation; however, if they do not have COVID vaccines they will be required to sign a declination form. Please note, guidelines may be revisited and reinstated at any time in accordance with our UNC Health affiliates, CDC guidelines and any Federal regulation changes.

The goal of our VolunTEEN Program is to provide positive, responsive, energetic students who are possibly interested in careers in healthcare with an opportunity to learn, help others, build friendships, and give back to the community. The program provides assistance to departments that could use extra sets of hands for non-technical tasks. Most departments are on the main campus at Onslow Memorial Hospital. We have limited the number of students for the program and the departments they will be allowed to work. Assignments are random and not selected by the student.

Originally started as “Candy Stripers” in the 1940s, the program has morphed into the current VolunTEEN Program (or junior volunteers) who work under the supervision of the program coordinator and Hospital staff. The “Candy Striper” name came from the traditional uniform that volunteers wore, that looked like peppermint candy. Some of our students still wear the candy stripe uniform as we move to a more modern look this year.

Teens, boys and girls, are selected to participate in the program to serve as “Ambassadors of Good Will” for the Hospital. They do this through providing a variety of services from working at the various departments in the hospital.

Volunteers are integral to the success of the Hospital, thanks to their interactions with staff, visitors and patients. VolunTEENs help to make the hospital a little happier and friendlier with their caring attitudes. Volunteering can be a rewarding way to spend free time, earn valuable community service credit for school and decide whether or not to pursue a career in the medical field and specifics of various fields!

To make the VolunTEEN experience the best it can be, teens must maintain first-rate behavior at all times as their conduct reflects on the Hospital and the community. Observing all hospital policies assures a great reference for college or job applications. Failure to follow these rules will result in immediate dismissal.

Apply Here

You can apply for the VolunTEEN program here.

Supplemental Forms (Required)

In addition to your application, you will need to complete these two additional forms: the Photo Consent Form and the Parental Consent Form. You may email these along with an updated immunization record to charlotte.rodriguez@onslow.org or you may drop all three documents at the Front Desk clearly marked for VolunTEEN program.

Q: I am available to volunteer. What is my next step?

A: Please complete the application during the appropriate application period and submit it to the Volunteer Office along with the additional documents required. Applicants will be notified for a personal interview along with parent but may be waived because of the COVID-19 virus.

Q: What are the requirements of the VolunTEEN Program?

A: Submit the application between January and mid-April to begin the interview/selection process. Commit to at least eight hours of volunteer service a week for a total of not less than 75 hours for the summer. Must receive clearance for TB test and immunizations (2 MMR, 2 Varicella, 3 Hep-B) prior to service. Attend all mandatory training and sessions dates including interview with parent.

Q: I missed the application period - what should I do?

A: Unfortunately, we will not be able to accept your application until the next open application period.

Q: What days and time do VolunTEENs work?

A: The greatest need for volunteers is Monday through Friday during the day. Evening and weekend shifts are very limited. Normal duty hours are 8am – 4:30pm with a half hour break for lunch.

Q: I have a job, but want to volunteer, as well. Can I volunteer whenever I am not scheduled to work?

A: Volunteering requires you to be available the same day and same shift each week for an entire term. Coordinating a regular schedule is necessary for our VolunTEEN program to work effectively in conjunction with our hospital departments and to ensure the best experience for the student.

Q: I participate in sports and am not available for the whole summer. Can I still volunteer?

A: The VolunTEEN Program is structured to encompass at least 75 hours during the summer or a minimum of 8 hours per week every week. Please apply when you are sure you can commit to serving a regularly scheduled shift for an entire summer.

Q: Is this program only for the summer or can I work when school starts?

A: During this Covid19 pandemic we have suspended our program except for the summer. Though, there maybe opportunities throughout the year and many students work year round after completing their 75 hours during the summer session. During the school year, we ask that students work 2 hour shifts versus the summer 8-hour shift. Some students will also work during school holiday breaks.

Q: I was in the program before, do I have to reapply?

A: Yes, each year all applications are reviewed so selections can be made. We cannot assume who will or will not return, nor does prior selection guarantee acceptance for this year.

Q: Where do I get the uniform and how much is it?

A: We will be ordering new uniforms this year as the old candy stripes has been retired. The new smock top will be about $20.

For more information contact Volunteer Services by email at charlotte.rodriguez@onslow.org