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CEO Spotlight

I've spent a lot of time thinking about leadership, style of leadership, impact to an organization, poor vs. effective leadership, etc. It dawned on me recently that as we look to determine how we can be better leaders, if we all (beyond just leaders) interacted with each other harmoniously, our days would be brighter and, at a minimum, easier. Basic concepts to keep top of mind:

  1. Value distinctiveness; let distinctive personalities know they are valued
  2. Be efficient and effective
  3. Avoid the temptation to overwork an issue, a person, a process, etc.
  4. Address all issues and answer questions - even if the answer is "we can't address that now"
  5. Value and appreciate every positive person
  6. Be equitable
  7. Embrace the idea that people no longer want a job; they want a purpose
  8. Create professional paths to ensure that people are set up for success

Obviously, this list is not in order of importance! And that last one is easier written than done. If we don't individually and collectively espouse the core concepts mentioned above in all that we say and do, we individually and collectively create a drag on the organization. The power of trusting and connecting with each other allows us to communicate openly and make better decisions for fulfilling our mission. In short, it makes us "better together."  

We had a Leadership Development Institute on Friday, October 13. It was a great success in that we had an open dialogue about leadership, our collective strengths, challenges and opportunities. Going forward, we will develop an action plan around the discussion. Great things will come of this. Please keep the dialogue going!   


Penney Burlingame Deal, DHA

President & Chief Executive Officer 

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onslow spotlight
This summer four nursing graduates entered a new 13-week Nurse Residency Program at Onslow Memorial Hospital (OMH). In October, the nurses transitioned into their permanent positions and began a further 8- to 12-week orientation specific to their chosen departments.


“This was our test group, and already we have learned so much from their experiences,” says the program administrator and hospital’s Director of Education Tracy Sobiesienski, MSN/MHA, RN.
The new graduates went through a rigorous selection process which included submission of a professional nursing goal statement and three separate interviews (first with a nurse manager, then with a peer team, and finally with Sobiesienski).
“We wanted ‘the best of the best’– nurses who were willing to help us develop this program for future nurses,” Sobiesienski explains.

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