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CEO Spotlight

"The most important reality we have is how we are perceived." This notion is at the heart of so much in healthcare. The "we" referenced is all encompassing, whether we're talking about HCAHPS scores or choosing OMH as a place of employment. Recent perception surveys seem to indicate that OMH is poorly perceived by our healthcare community. Effectively managing negative perceptions in every instance begins with self-awareness. We should look to ourselves to determine what, if any, elements of our daily interactions may contribute to a negative perception. As we self-reflect, let's define the things that organizationally matter:

  1. We work hard on things that matter
  2. We select the right leaders for the right jobs
  3. We concentrate on asking the right questions
  4. We avoid secrecy
  5. We embrace discomfort
  6. We talk to each other - not about each other
  7. We grow 'thick skins'
  8. We hold each other accountable
  9. We make our expectations clear
  10. We set high expectations for ourselves and others
  11. We listen more than we talk
  12. We deal with conflict directly and resolve it promptly
  13. We examine options, choose the best one, and act without undue delay
  14. We face reality
  15. We take full responsibility for our own feelings and behaviors
  16. We deliver on our commitments
  17. We recognize that emotional arousal is a danger sign
  18. We build last relationships by engaging in real work as a team
  19. We cut each other some slack - but not too much
  20. We have fun


We recently completed our Spring Employee Forums with a great turnout. It's encouraging that so many of you are actively engaged in the betterment of OMH perception. The feedback and suggestions demonstrate that you are vested. There is no better group of people capable of changing perceptions. I see you do it every day! Let's keep the forward momentum, strive for self-awareness, and work to be more cohesive. Let's work with each other to provide "excellent patient health services in a healing and family-centered environment."




Penney Burlingame Deal, DHA

President & Chief Executive Officer

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onslow spotlight

Just this April, medical scientists made a first-ever discovery: a population in the Bolivian Amazon has the lowest reported levels of heart disease of any society recorded to date. Of particular note is that the Tsimane is a living population – not ancient ancestors.

What can a forager-horticulturalist tribe halfway around the world tell Onslow County residents about our modern day risk factors for heart disease and stroke?

Anna Bess Brown, Executive Director of North Carolina’s Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Task Force, writes: “These findings, published in The Lancet, suggest coronary atherosclerosis can be avoided in most people by achieving a lifetime with very low LDL, low blood pressure, low glucose, normal body-mass index, no smoking, and plenty of physical activity.”


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