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CEO Spotlight

When we speak as an organization about striving to be 'the community's choice for healthcare,' we are all-inclusive. The community includes patients, staff, and providers. All too often though, we ignore our own assessment of our individual engagement and instead look to how others are engaged.

Engagement at every level begins with the individual. Focus for this year has been upon ensuring that our staff feels valued. Ostensibly, the premise to this notion being that one can't care for others unless one feels valued. Feeling valued isn't just about satisfying wants, needs and desires–it's about adding meaning to our work, our day–our 'daily walk.'

This meaningful path is brought about by accountable change at the individual level. What can we do individually to hold ourselves accountable for our own engagement? Ideally, we should create team ownership of our action plans around what is meaningful to us all. Let's have employees, managers, providers, and patients - essentially everyone - aide in the development of an action plan to make our 'daily walk' more meaningful. In development of an action plan, keep in mind the following:

  • Empowerment. Ask for the resources necessary to add meaning
  • Communication. Be precise and unbiased in your communication
  • Positivity. Look at the person across from you and assume the best
  • Collaboration. Look for the "we said, we did" opportunities

I am fully engaged. Please join me in continuing this amazing journey. I am looking for the "we said, we did" opportunities. From action plans about body art dress code policy to tuition assistance programs, we are walking this path together!


Penney Burlingame Deal, DHA

President & Chief Executive Officer


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onslow spotlight

Our Cup of Care program is an extension of the care we provide our patients and their families while they’re at Onslow Memorial. We think it is important that our patients leave our hospital with additional comfort for the next day or night. That’s why we have made it our goal to provide all discharged patients with ready to eat, homemade soup, for their return home.

The program originated in 2011, and over the past year we’ve proudly sent close to 5,600 bowls of homemade soup home with discharged patients.

A special thanks goes out to Lineatte Cruz and Richard Farparan. These two dedicated retail cooks go above and beyond their duties—not only making Cup of Care possible but also contributing to our patients’ healing and overall wellbeing. We are so lucky to have them, and every member of the Food and Nutrition Services department, as part of our healthcare team.


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