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A Lesson on Sportsmanship
Wednesday, October 1, 2014 Sharon Knosky
Adam and Anna have been to the park twice now to play kickball with some other homeschool families that we know.  The first time was new and exciting, but the second time just didn’t have as much gusto as the first. Adam’s team lost the first week, but he didn’t seem to mind too much because he had a good time.  He had made a few good kicks and had scored a run or two.  This week his team lost again, but I noticed that this week his sportsmanship had a lot to be desired.  He was complaining out in the field during the game that his team was not good and that they were going to lose.   At the end he continued his rant about how he had a bad team, even though earlier a parent standing close by him had spoken to him about being positive and encouraging

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Click the link below for an overview of the most common charges and rates for inpatient procedures at Onslow Memorial Hospital in comparison to other North Carolina hospitals.  The information provided here is compiled by the North Carolina Hospital Association and is simply meant to be a guideline of average charges. Just as hotels offer different rates for different groups of customers, hospitals  have different charges for different insurance plans. We encourage all our potential patients to speak with their physician and their insurance provider about co-pay amounts, what is and isn’t covered, and any pre-authorizations that may be required.  

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Learn what steps you can take to prevent high cholesterol during National Cholesterol Education Month.