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Bonding with each child
Friday, August 1, 2014 Molly Mathews
When I had Lyra and only her there was no choice but to bond! It wasn’t something I had to make time to do it just happened because she was my world. Now that my stepson lives with us and I have Caelum I’m finding it harder to keep that strong relationship with each child going. You would think since we live together and they are my children that there would be a naturally occurring bond- and there is- but it’s something that needs work to build and strengthen. The other day I went on a quick 10 minute bike ride with just Lyra and it was wonderful! Last week I bailed on work for an hour (I make my own hours so it was allowed!) to take just Caelum to the park. I find it so important to spend that individual time with them. It’s a bit harder with

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Click the link below for an overview of the most common charges and rates for inpatient procedures at Onslow Memorial Hospital in comparison to other North Carolina hospitals.  The information provided here is compiled by the North Carolina Hospital Association and is simply meant to be a guideline of average charges. Just as hotels offer different rates for different groups of customers, hospitals  have different charges for different insurance plans. We encourage all our potential patients to speak with their physician and their insurance provider about co-pay amounts, what is and isn’t covered, and any pre-authorizations that may be required.  

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