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CEO Spotlight

As we continue on our OMH journey of bringing the best possible care to our patients and their family members with our high performance, it led me to consider our high performers.

Theoretically, after going through our rigorous peer interviewing process, every new hire is a high performer. Qualities that high performers possess, in general, include: high energy, courage, intentionality, high productivity, selflessness, and the ability to influence others in a positive way.

On the flip side of this coin are the undesirable qualities of manipulation, hostility, passive aggressiveness, negativity, and a tendency to find a reason not to do something. The organization recently conducted its 'high, solid, low' conversations with all our staff. These conversations were specific to our organization and what we value. This should provide reassurance to our staff because even if they don't find themselves considered to be a high performer, they now have a roadmap to improvement.

As we found that most of you are high performers, I would ask that you provide guidance and leadership to your coworkers to assist them in their personal journeys. We are better together! Every day, I feel we gain clarity in all that we're trying to accomplish as a group. You are some of the most courageous people with whom I have the extreme pleasure of working.

As Spring is upon us, let's use this time to spring into the future of the organization with intentionality, purpose, and energy. I appreciate all of you!


Penney Burlingame Deal, DHA

President & Chief Executive Officer   


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onslow spotlight

Just this April, medical scientists made a first-ever discovery: a population in the Bolivian Amazon has the lowest reported levels of heart disease of any society recorded to date. Of particular note is that the Tsimane is a living population – not ancient ancestors.

What can a forager-horticulturalist tribe halfway around the world tell Onslow County residents about our modern day risk factors for heart disease and stroke?

Anna Bess Brown, Executive Director of North Carolina’s Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Task Force, writes: “These findings, published in The Lancet, suggest coronary atherosclerosis can be avoided in most people by achieving a lifetime with very low LDL, low blood pressure, low glucose, normal body-mass index, no smoking, and plenty of physical activity.”


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As reported flu cases continue to rise, it is particularly important to take precautions to prevent the spread of infection. Learn more on what you need to know:
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