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CEO Spotlight

At the July Leadership Development Institute (LDI), we completed an exercise that asked our leaders to complete this sentence: 1. "Provider, thank you for...." and, 2. Provider, we wish you would ..."

Wonderful feedback was derived from this exercise, the intention of which is to form the basis for a meaningful discussion with our providers. However, this dialogue should be a two-way street. Ultimately, I believe that the antidote to burnout is engagement. If one feels engaged in a common cause, they have purpose beyond their own self-satisfaction.

There is no other group of individuals more exposed to the potential for burnout than providers. Critically ill patients, declining reimbursements, climbing malpractice expense, increasingly litigious society, electronic medical record requirements, regulatory requirements, etc., all are factors that contribute to burnout for today's providers. If we effectively engage our providers in a partnership that serves everyone involved well, we mitigate burnout and create loyalty that competitors will not be able to match. According to Craig Deao, national speaker, at Studer Group, there are some basic elements of which we need to be mindful when exploring things that "disengage" a provider, to include:

1.     Time pressure.

2.     Lack of work control.  

3.     Inefficiencies, process breakdowns, and lack of tools in the workplace.

4.     The degree to which a physician's values and purpose aligns to that of the organization and leaders.

 At the October LDI, we intend to begin the dialogue that will bring about a unified effort with engaged staff, providers, and leaders in our amazing organization.

As a leader, please give some thought to things on your individual units that may contribute to provider disengagement and how we might overcome these barriers to engagement.

As a provider, please bring your thoughts about how, together, we may mitigate elements of disengagement.

The presence of our medical staff leadership at our LDI will be a signal event that will pave the way for continued, improved culture shifts as Dr. Piper promulgated. You all have amazing insight and I learn from you every day. I look forward to our continuously evolving, engaged culture of quality.


Penney Burlingame Deal, DHA

President & Chief Executive Officer


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onslow spotlight

Our Cup of Care program is an extension of the care we provide our patients and their families while they’re at Onslow Memorial. We think it is important that our patients leave our hospital with additional comfort for the next day or night. That’s why we have made it our goal to provide all discharged patients with ready to eat, homemade soup, for their return home.

The program originated in 2011, and over the past year we’ve proudly sent close to 5,600 bowls of homemade soup home with discharged patients.

A special thanks goes out to Lineatte Cruz and Richard Farparan. These two dedicated retail cooks go above and beyond their duties—not only making Cup of Care possible but also contributing to our patients’ healing and overall wellbeing. We are so lucky to have them, and every member of the Food and Nutrition Services department, as part of our healthcare team.


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