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Wednesday, April 16, 2014 Nicole
It seems like lately there has been a rash of tragedy in the news.  The Malaysian flight that disappeared and presumably crashed with no survivors; another Ft. Hood shooting; a shooting of a sentry at the Camp Lejeune gate; twenty kids stabbed at a high school in PA…unfortunately, I could go on.  It is hard enough to put your children’s minds at ease when there is one widely publicized tragedy in the news, but with so many in such a short amount of time it makes a parent’s job much harder. I have a teen who has flown extensively and has never shown any fear in that regard.  I don’t know if all the talk about the Malaysian flight has heightened her anxiety about flying or not.  I know that it has done nothing but scare my younger children, who don’t remember having flown when they were very small.  The

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Click the link below for an overview of the most common charges and rates for inpatient procedures at Onslow Memorial Hospital in comparison to other North Carolina hospitals.  The information provided here is compiled by the North Carolina Hospital Association and is simply meant to be a guideline of average charges. Just as hotels offer different rates for different groups of customers, hospitals  have different charges for different insurance plans. We encourage all our potential patients to speak with their physician and their insurance provider about co-pay amounts, what is and isn’t covered, and any pre-authorizations that may be required.  

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Applications for the Onslow Memorial Hospital Auxiliary VolunTeen Program are available for 14-18 year olds who are interested in serving as volunteers at Onslow Memorial Hospital.