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CEO Spotlight

How we communicate can often make a situation memorable - in a good way, or in a bad way. How we communicate with our patients and their families can make a difficult situation tolerable, and possibly reduce the anxiety associated with their visit or admission. They feel cared for simply by hearing a status update, or perhaps by a kind word. It tells them that we care enough about them to take time out from the task at hand to give comfort with our words. As we strive to meet our various goals throughout the day, don't forget who you are, and the importance of caring. You bring so much to your roles every day! You assist people in their healing and help bring them to their optimal level of wellness - don't forget the healing power of your words.

Communicate the passion that called you to healthcare with every interaction! With renewed emphasis on this aspect of care, we will convey to our patients how very much we do care for them.

Thank you for your passion! 


Penney Burlingame Deal, DHA

President & Chief Executive Officer


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onslow spotlight

“Dr. Miller embodies a spirit of service and compassion, to patients and to the community, using the best evidence-based medicine with patient- and family-centered care.”

Dr. Debra Miller, a board-certified oncologist at Southeastern Medical Oncology Center of Jacksonville, has been named Onslow Memorial Hospital’s 2017 Doctor of the Year.

The selection panel for the prestigious honor was comprised of Dr. Tammy Reed, Dr. Donna Anderson, and Dr. Cecilia Nashatizadeh (quoted above). They were tasked with discovering the candidate who stood “above and beyond the rest.” Not an easy job, given the field of 25 outstanding physician nominees.


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