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CEO Spotlight

I spend a lot of time thinking about the staff and providers at OMH. I worry for you, I take pride in your accomplishments, I marvel at your heartfelt motivation, I am impressed by your spirit. Everyday I encounter a situation or circumstance where I am proud of our OMH family...and we are a family. We care for our patients and we care for each other. I received a letter from a nurse telling me that the nurses on a certain unit to which she was floated deserve a raise because they work so hard. That one statement is filled with golden nuggets - she floated (we help each other out with a glad heart - thank you); she walked a mile in the other nurses' shoes (she appreciated their unique work situation); she saw the value in their work flow and process even though vastly different from her own. Finally, she managed them up to me. All of that is pretty terrific. We are a family and we support each other. Take time to appreciate the people and departments around you. Take ownership of their particular situations and offer help in any way that you can. Be frustrated at inefficiencies and help to fix them. We are on a path where we continually build upon a firm foundation of strong relationships and understanding. You bring meaning to our OMH family. 

Penney Burlingame Deal, DHA

President & Chief Executive Officer

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onslow spotlight

Onslow Memorial Hospital (OMH) is offering free colorectal cancer screening to make sure financial costs – or other factors, such as personal embarrassment – do not prevent you from getting a potentially life-saving screening for colon cancer.

"If we can prevent just one instance of colon cancer in Onslow County, then our effort to provide this free screening will have been worth it,” said Tracy Sobiesienski, the hospital’s Director of Education and community outreach coordinator for cancer education and prevention.

The screening, a fecal occult blood stool test kit, is for people age 50 and older or anyone with risk factors for colorectal cancer. It is private (done at home), painless, easy – free! – and available from Onslow Diagnostics throughout the month of March.


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