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CEO Spotlight

One of the things often missing in today's workplace is a lack of clarity about what accountability really means. I feel certain that we believe we hold each other accountable. In healthcare, we spend a lot of time (and money) talking about and pondering accountability. We think and rethink about the 'who, what, and why'-when all the time the answer is staring back at us from the mirror. We are the accountability!

In an effort to be fair, we bend over backwards to treat everyone the same. Fairness is NOT about treating everyone the same. In fact, arguably it is disrespectful and unfair to high performers, who exceed all expectations, to be treated the same as everyone else. It is important to treat, manage, coach and lead people differently, based upon performance and needs. We are all individuals! 

Are we being accountable when we take something away or prohibit something that may benefit everyone, simply because a few cannot comply with parameters? We need to assume the best about the people around us!

Accountability has to start with you. 

Each of us is an accountable entity. When you lead with clarity and conviction, honesty and transparency, you inspire others to the same high standard. The result is a contagious enthusiasm that permeates our entire organization. Talented people are attracted to work where leaders are dedicated to the highest standards of innovation and creativity.

I am personally encouraged by the employee who identified the distractions associated with leaders being on their cell phones during the forums. She held the mirror up for me! Personal and professional accountability allows me to look in the mirror and see that there is opportunity for all of us to do better. I appreciate all of you for aspiring to this daily! 


Penney Burlingame Deal, DHA

President & Chief Executive Officer


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onslow spotlight

Our Cup of Care program is an extension of the care we provide our patients and their families while they’re at Onslow Memorial. We think it is important that our patients leave our hospital with additional comfort for the next day or night. That’s why we have made it our goal to provide all discharged patients with ready to eat, homemade soup, for their return home.

The program originated in 2011, and over the past year we’ve proudly sent close to 5,600 bowls of homemade soup home with discharged patients.

A special thanks goes out to Lineatte Cruz and Richard Farparan. These two dedicated retail cooks go above and beyond their duties—not only making Cup of Care possible but also contributing to our patients’ healing and overall wellbeing. We are so lucky to have them, and every member of the Food and Nutrition Services department, as part of our healthcare team.


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