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CEO Spotlight

When we discuss safety from a global perspective, we are not only referring to patient safety but staff safety as well. Safety begins with each of us and while I believe we should respect the "never events" we've identified, I recognize that when we deviate from an established process, there is often a potential change embedded in the deviation - a change which will result in an improved process.  

Clinicians and non-clinicians alike develop workarounds with many different intentions. It may be to make the process faster, it may be to make the process more efficient, it may be to create a safer process. Regardless, a workaround is often a silent request for assistance. That being the case, I challenge you all to look at your workarounds and bring it to the forefront to be examined as a potential process improvement. Be comfortable with the uncomfortable conversations - both giving and receiving - so we can be continuously better.  

I mentioned at mandatories this week that everywhere I turn I see how you all work in support of each other. You are always looking for opportunities to be safe! We are a team and it is inspiring! As a team, we want to hear your collective voice and it is that time of year again! Please be sure to complete the AHRQ Survey that is now on NetLearning, if you haven't done so already. Your opinion matters. Let's work together to always be better!



Penney Burlingame Deal, DHA

President & Chief Executive Officer 

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onslow spotlight

In honor of breast cancer awareness month Onslow Memorial Hospital is hoping to help get the community conversation started around the importance of mammograms during pink ribbon week.


Onslow Memorial Hospital Foundation is teaming up with the hospital's radiology team to host "pink ribbon week".

Community members can take part in a photo booth or buy raffle tickets for a variety of auction items. All proceeds will benefit women who are under or un-insured who cannot afford screening mammograms.

Click here to learn more.

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Now through November, when you use our online portal to schedule both current and future mammograms you’ll be entered into our prize giveaway.
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