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A Mouthful of Teeth
Tuesday, September 2, 2014 Molly Mathews
So I’ve blogged many a times about teething but nothing about what to do once the teeth are in! Caelum has most of his teeth- he is only missing the ‘eye teeth’ up front. With my first I was wiping her gums with a wash cloth very early and brushed regularly twice a day once her teeth came in. Now my life is a bit more hectic and Caelum’s very lucky to have gotten his teeth brushed even once. So because of that he absolutely will not let me brush them. He throws such a fit that if I want to actually brush them I would have to have someone hold him down!  Coincidentally my daughter loves brushing her teeth so I suggest starting early even if you think it un-necessary! Some other recommendations include: not drinking juice from a bottle, not drinking too much juice (cutting it with water

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Click the link below for an overview of the most common charges and rates for inpatient procedures at Onslow Memorial Hospital in comparison to other North Carolina hospitals.  The information provided here is compiled by the North Carolina Hospital Association and is simply meant to be a guideline of average charges. Just as hotels offer different rates for different groups of customers, hospitals  have different charges for different insurance plans. We encourage all our potential patients to speak with their physician and their insurance provider about co-pay amounts, what is and isn’t covered, and any pre-authorizations that may be required.  

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