Wound Care

The Wound Care and Hyperbaric Center

A wound or sore that won’t heal is more than a nuisance. It can be frightening, and with good reason. The longer a wound takes to heal, the greater the risk of serious infection and possible limb loss.

People should call us immediately if:

  • They have a wound that fails to respond to treatment after 4 weeks
  • They have a wound that has not completely healed in 8 weeks
  • Diabetics and those with vascular disease may be especially at risk

Advanced solutions for problem wounds.

We use the most advanced treatments, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy — medical approaches that are proven to speed healing time and immediately reduce the risk of infection and limb loss. In fact, patients who have suffered from chronic wounds for months, even years, are often restored to health in a shorter time than they thought possible.

About hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HbOT) enhances the body’s healing ability. By dramatically increasing oxygen in the blood and to the wound, HbOT can promote growth of new blood vessels and skin — a cornerstone of healing. It has helped thousands of patients around the world completely recover from wounds. More about HbOt

A team of specialists that cure … and care.

Our team includes professionals from multiple medical disciplines, including neurology, cardiovascular, orthopedics, nutrition and more, who work together to provide you a comprehensive treatment plan. As a patient and an individual, you are at the center of this team, communicating your needs and information about your lifestyle to help us tailor your plan to you.

If you are a physician and have a patient you are considering referring to wound care, click here for more information about our center and the important role you play in our patient-centered process.

Recognized for Wound Care Excellence.

Onslow Memorial Hospital’s Wound Care and Hyperbaric Center is a two-time recipient of RestorixHealth’s Center of Excellence award. Recipients of this award meet or exceed national wound care quality benchmarks in areas including healing outcomes and safety, along with a patient satisfaction rate of 95% or higher. We’re delighted to be recognized for this service we provide for the people of Onslow County.

Make an Appointment Today.

Onslow Memorial Hospital’s Wound Care and Hyperbaric Center in Jacksonville is now accepting patients. Call for an appointment today at (910) 577-4977. All insurance accepted.