Patient Service Navigator

Patient service navigation is about creating a seamless experience for the patient and their family during their hospitalization by providing personalized guidance and support. The role of the Patient Service Navigator is to eliminate perceived barriers and act as a support hub for all aspects of the patient's movement through the hospital and healthcare continuum.

The PSN focuses on collaboration between the entire healthcare team, which includes the patient and family. Our Patient Service Navigator (PSN) has years of experience working with patients and family members at Onslow Memorial Hospital. The PSN orients new patients to the unit’s services, daily schedules and protocols; shares information about the healthcare team; and introduces the team’s commitment to responding to the patient’s needs. The PSN encourages the patient and family to be involved in their care by documenting emerging questions for the provider. Another goal of this service is to ensure our patients and families feel supported at all times. That is why the PSN provides contact information so the patient can call upon the navigator as a resource for general information or questions and concerns.

Our PSN has a wealth of knowledge of resources and services throughout the hospital and the community. She even helps to bridge the gap from the hospital to the next level of care by sharing community resources and completing post-discharge phone calls to make sure the patient has what they need.