Cardiology-Cardiac Rehab

A Cardiac Rehabilitation program helps those recovering from heart disease to get back to an active, enjoyable lifestyle. What’s more, participation in a rehabilitation program can help you reduce your risk of future heart problems. Participants learn how to exercise safely and effectively, heart-friendly eating habits, stress management and more.

Classes are monitored by healthcare professionals who care about your health and safety. The fear of having heart disease is replaced by the reality that life can get back to normal by simply replacing unhealthy habits with a healthy lifestyle change!

For those who don't have a heart problem but want to prevent one or want to exercise in a monitored environment, you may join us in our Maintenance Program. Many graduates of our Cardiac Rehab Program stay with us in the Maintenance Program and have been with us for years!

Insurance covers the cost of the 12-week program for most heart problems. A referral from your physician is all you need to join us. If you would like more information, just call us at (910) 577-2943 or drop by the department, which is located right beside the Outpatient Lab.