Meet the 2017 Lighten Up Onslow Winners

Jacksonville Daily News


One of the biggest “misnomers” about LightenUp Onslow, is that it only involves the months of January to the end of May, according to Amy Sousa, the public information officer for Onslow Memorial Hospital, while it’s

meant to be adopted as a year-round lifestyle.

This year’s winners, The SS Losers (which stands for Surgical Services) with a total top team weight loss of 13.92 percent, each teammate really worked hard to help drive that message home.

“One of the things we like to say about LightenUp Onslow, is it’s not about what you lose, but what you gain. And for this team in particular, I’m very excited,” Sousa said about this year’s winners. “We all saw them walking around during their break, after work, and we watched them sign up for 5k runs. They really put their heart and soul into not just LightenUp Onslow, but into health and wellness overall. Each member of the team proved to be a great resource not just for their coworkers, but for our entire community.”

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