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  • Congratulations to our 2018 Lighten Up Onslow Challenge Winners and Participants

Congratulations to our 2018 Lighten Up Onslow Challenge Winners and Participants

JACKSONVILLE, NC – “The Dominators” from Carobell did in fact live up to their name, with a group weight loss of nearly 16% to secure the win in the 2018 Lighten Up Onslow Challenge. But they were not to be out-stepped: the “Getting Fit a Bit” team from Heroes Elementary logged well over 9-million (yes, that’s right) steps to sweep the first place win in that category.



The Dominators, from Carobell, lost 15.9% of their weight.

Congratulations to Richard, Latonya, Marcie and Vanessa!



Getting Fit A Bit, from Heroes Elementary, logged 9,034,667 steps. 

Congratulations to Nancy, Beverly, Duane and Norma!

Each member of both 1st place teams won a $50 gift card.

“This year’s theme was Move More, Eat Better and Stress Less,” said Amy Sousa, senior vice president, public relations/marketing. “We wanted people to be more active, and to do it safely. This challenge year showed us that Onslow County is moving in the right direction, and we were thrilled to provide the resources and the support to help."

For Vanessa Ervin, president and CEO of Carobell, Inc., the value of workplace wellness cannot be overstated. “When employees see an improvement in their health and their family’s health, that synergy is translated into the workplace. We see an increased energy and vitality, with a greater eagerness to succeed and lead. There is a real sense of optimism that is palpable when employees feel supported in their wellness goals.”

With the goal of taking its wellness program to the next level, Carobell will enclose an outdoor pavilion for its new onsite wellness center, giving staff a place to exercise before, during and after work.

To arrive at a personal definition of “health and wellness,” Ervin says she began with an honest conversation – with herself. 

“I needed to address questions such as, ‘Am I healthy enough to do the things I want to do?’, ‘Am I happy with what I see?’, and ‘Is my health better, worse, or different than in the past?’”

“Maintaining an optimal level of wellness is absolutely crucial to living a higher quality of life. So for me, WELLNESS MATTERS! Wellness matters because everything I do and every emotion I feel relates to my well-being. In turn, my well-being directly affects my actions and emotions.”

And wellness, she says, goes beyond consistent exercise and a healthy diet. It starts with how one approaches each day.

“I strive to start every day off with a devotion and a spiritual nugget I meditate on throughout the day. Wellness is an active process of becoming aware – and of making intentional, positive choices that in turn lead to a healthy and fulfilling life.”

Amen to that.