Lung Screening

Lung Cancer Screening with Low-Dose CT Now Available

Onslow Memorial is now home to low-dose CT screenings; an amazing new technology in lung cancer screenings. Lung cancer screenings with low-dose CT have a greater chance of saving the lives of those at high risk than any other screening, because they are especially effective in diagnosing lung cancer at its earliest, most treatable stage. 

Lung cancer screenings with low-dose CT deliver a more detailed and accurate detection of lung cancer and have also been named the most successful screening tool in detecting lung cancer.

These painless and noninvasive screenings use a 30% reduction in radiation dose, and can also show early-stage lung cancers that would be too small to detect through traditional x-ray technology. 

We are proudly an American College of Radiology designated Lung Cancer Screening Center, certifying us as a top quality provider of safe, effective diagnostic imaging for individuals at high-risk for lung cancer.

Patients must meet certain eligibility requirements and physician referrals are required for low-dose CT screenings—consult your primary care doctor to learn more about the risks and benefits of the screening and to see if you are eligible. 

The addition of this life-saving technology is just one more way Onslow Memorial Hospital is going above and beyond in providing quality care to the community.

Click here for a downloadable flyer with more information on low-dose lung cancer screenings.

Click here for more information about Lung Cancer rates in North Carolina and resources to help you or a loved one go smoke-free.


For more information or to schedule an appointment with a physician, please call (910) 577-4968 or visit the Onslow Pulmonology Associates website.