Joint Replacement

A joint replacement is a new lease on life.

When nagging hip, knee, shoulder and other joint pains set in, your lifestyle can change dramatically. Many of the activities you once loved are no longer possible. And in some cases, even basic tasks and mobility are affected. People often find that while the pain is discomforting, what bothers them most is that they can no longer live life on their own terms. But don’t put off your chance to return to an active lifestyle—help may be closer than you think.

The Onslow Commitment

As part of our ongoing commitment to bring new services, high quality and high tech care to the communities we serve, we’re proud to introduce the Center for Joint Replacement—the latest in joint replacement surgery and rehabilitation—right here in Jacksonville, NC.

We treat a variety of chronic conditions that affect the hips, knees, shoulders and other critical joints using a comprehensive program comprised of extensive pre-surgery education, surgery, and rehabilitation.

In addition to our advanced facilities and the warm, friendly care from our team of board-certified physicians and staff, we’re using new techniques to promote better healing.

The small group rehab approach

We have found that a comprehensive, collaborative, team rehabilitation approach often leads to better results for patients. We’re proud to offer this method at our Center for Joint Replacement, located at 200 Memorial Drive. And while there is a small group approach, treatment is still patient-focused, with individualized recovery plans and a high level of personal care.