Accepted Insurance

Onslow Memorial Hospital accepts most insurance plans. Check with the Registration Clerk or the Billing Office to clarify that we accept your plan. Before your hospital visit we recommend that you familiarize yourself with your current health insurance policy, especially regarding coverage of expected procedures. Get pre-approvals if necessary. Remember to check annual and lifetime maximums. Also check the details of your disability insurance and any supplemental insurance coverage. Clarify effective dates and the range of benefits. Patient "out-of-pocket" payment for medical and surgical services are expected at the time of service. Onslow Memorial Hospital accepts cash, check, Discover, MasterCard and Visa.

Claims and Payment Policy

Patients are directly responsible for the payment for medical and surgical services. As a courtesy, we will submit insurance claims to the insurance company. Because a health insurance policy is a contract between a patient and an insurance company, in no way can Onslow Memorial Hospital guarantee payment of an insurance claim. Should an insurance company deny or pay only a portion of an insurance claim, it is the responsibility of the patient to dispute the claim with the insurance company. Patients are expected to pay all unpaid insurance claims. If you have any additional questions regarding this policy, please contact the Patient Accounts Office at (910) 577-4703.