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Emergency Dept Volunteers
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About the Emergency Department Volunteer Program

Emergency Department ("ED") volunteers have the ability to enhance patients and visitors experience in the ED setting. As a volunteer, you are able to gain valuable experiences working closely with ED staff and assisting with non-medical patient care. In addition to gaining personal experiences the volunteer has the satisfaction of helping out a diverse community and giving back. Volunteering in the ED will increase confidence in a medical environment and provide vital experience for future medical professionals. Please complete the Emergency Department Volunteer application and a member of our team will be in touch with you are soon as possible. Anyone wishing to volunteer in the Emergency Department, must complete the online application form located here.

Once your application is reviewed, the Patient Services Representative Supervisor will schedule an appointment to meet with you at the hospital to discuss our program as well as to get to know you. This will help us to determine where best to use your skill for the benefit of all.  Requirements after this appointment will include a background check, blood test, PPD (TB) test, and orientation to our hospital to include the rules that guide us to ensure patient privacy and overall good care.  All of this will be organized and paid for by the hospital. The Health Nurse will require proof that you have received certain immunizations (mumps, rubella, etc.).

For more informatoin please call Tona Petrucci Radford at (910) 577-2971 or email at