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What if your visitors are not in good health?

The spread of many viruses can be avoided by thorough hand washing, and by coughing or sneezing into the bend of one's arm (not into hands or into the air). We ask that all guests wash hands and/or use hand sanitizer every single time before entering patient areas.  
If visitors are suffering from any type of illness, have recently been exposed to a communicable disease (even if they think they don’t have it), have a fever (even a minor one) or have a rash, we ask that they do NOT visit patients. Instead, please consider asking them to call or send a card to let you know they are thinking of you.

Where can visitors park? Do they need to pay?

Convenient Visitor Parking areas are clearly designated at the front of the hospital. There is no charge for our patients' guests! Handicapped parking can be found in every Visitor Lot. If a guest is picking you up, we ask that they park in the Visitor Parking area until you have been released, at which time they can use the drive-through canopy area to pick you up.

Can I get to the hospital via public transportation?

Yes, and there are two options:

  • Onslow United Transit System (OUTS) can provide people with non-emergency transportation services through our Demand Response or Dial-a-Ride program. The OUTS hours of operation are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday. To request transportation, please call OUTS at (910) 346-2998. For people who are hearing- or speech-impaired, call (800) 735-2962 (TTD) or (800) 735-8262 (voice).
  • Jacksonville Transit makes stops at Onslow Memorial Hospital throughout the day. Online, go to and click on “Jacksonville Transit.” Or, call (910) 938-RIDE (7433) Monday - Friday, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. for personalized help with bus routes.

Is there a special visitor entrance?

No, visitors use the front entrance to Onslow Memorial Hospital and ask the volunteer at the front desk for assistance to find patients.

Is there an ATM in the hospital?

Yes. It is located near the cafeteria on the first floor of the hospital.

Does Onslow have patient and visitor security?

Absolutely. Hospital Security personnel are constantly available to address issues and protect any patient who expresses a personal security concern or feels harassed by any guest. In addition, our visitors should feel safe on our premises.

Do visitors need to call ahead?

No, they do not. However, please make sure the area of the hospital to be visited has no special hours or restrictions (for example, Labor and Delivery or the Intensive Care Unit).

Where can my guests eat?

Onslow Memorial Hospital's cafeteria, now with a seating capacity of 150, is where visitors will find superior quality and a wide selection of menu items, featuring our hot entrée bar, 30-item salad bar, and our grill that serves popular short-order items. The cafeteria is open 24 hours a day (with brief closings for cleaning and preparation), 7 days a week.
Our Food and Nutrition Services Department offers several special programs. For example, we provide one guest tray, free of charge, at each meal for a pediatric patient’s family member or visitor. In addition, it is our policy to offer guests complimentary coffee and/or ice tea.

May visitors stay overnight with a patient who is a family member?

The answer to that question is “sometimes yes.” However, visitors must receive permission from the charge nurse or the patient’s attending physician. One parent or legal guardian is permitted to stay overnight with their child on the Pediatric Unit. When staying overnight is not a viable option, please know that we are always here to answer phone calls from family members who want to stay updated on your status, day or night.

Is there a chapel or quiet place?

Yes, and guests are welcome to visit it. The Chapel is located just off the main lobby on the first floor and is open to everyone for quiet meditation and prayer. In addition, there are gazebos and picnic tables outside the front of the hospital. Near the Onslow Radiation Oncology Center, patients and their guests can relax on a bench in the healing garden, a project of Leadership Jacksonville-Onslow.
Pastoral Volunteer Committee members are always available, but only at the request of the patient and/or family member as we respect a patient’s right to all decisions regarding spiritual care.

May people call a patient's room?

In many situations, yes. Again, the answer to that question will depend on the location and status of the patient. For example, direct calls to patients who are in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) may not be possible; however, family members will be able to call the ICU for patient updates, day or night. Onslow Memorial Hospital Main Number: (910) 577-2345

Any mail and flowers should be addressed to the patient by name, in care of:

Onslow Memorial Hospital
317 Western Blvd.
Jacksonville, NC 28546