Striv­ing for the New Normal

May 12, 2020

As it seems COVID-19 may be with us for the foreseeable future in one way, shape or form, our hearts and minds try to restructure what normal looks like. How do we function on a daily basis with this new element in our lives factoring so heavily in all we do? We adjust and then we adjust some more to the constant changes brought about by rampant uncertainty. What has become clear is that we should not take anything for granted. We don’t assume we have plenty of PPE… we plan around adequate testing supplies… we don’t take our health or anyone else’s health for granted. And… we certainly don’t take each other for granted.

The face of the American family is viewed through a video lens. We view each other through a video lens that sees someone in a mask looking back. We are skeptical about touching our own faces, surfaces, doorknobs, shopping cart handles… anyone. The personal has become acutely impersonal. And yet, the humanity of it all is always present. Donations, courage, philanthropy, beneficence… the love of mankind prevails. The new normal may be a remote world that is orchestrated from afar but our human interaction that strives to relieve human suffering and pain is always present – more so in healthcare and during extraordinary times. We still maintain our abilities to connect with people in a personal way that surpasses technology, and while there are limitations to our personal interpretations of email or texts, we can always grant each other grace. We know each other, our culture and unending, unerring, immeasurable compulsion to care.

As we find our new normal, be sure to incorporate our culture, and as we care for our patients, our families, and each other, grant them the grace they deserve for all of us to maintain our long-lasting relationships that surpass the restrictions of a mask, gown and gloves. Thank you for being you! Wishing you an abundance of grace.


Penney Burlingame Deal, DHA
President & Chief Executive Officer