Real­is­tic Resolutions

December 01, 2020

At the beginning of each New Year, it’s common to make a list of resolutions. We vow to travel more, lose 10 pounds, or spend more time with family. However, with COVID-19 remaining a very real part of our everyday lives, we might have to revise our resolutions for 2021.

This year, instead of focusing on all that we have lost, I’m choosing to focus on all that we can gain. I want to learn a new skill, to read more and to write more, and to explore my heart and my home, instead of exploring a new city. I want to learn how to cook new recipes, about another cultures cuisine, and to go on daily walks, instead of just losing 10 pounds. And while I may not be able to see my family in person, I will schedule regular zoom calls with them once a week, send old-fashioned letters and postcards, and finally create that photo album that I’ve been wanting to put together forever, so that when we can finally visit again, we can savor all of those sweet memories.

Most importantly, I resolve to be thankful. I am thankful for all of the small blessings in disguise. I am thankful for my health. I am thankful for the courage, determination, and resilience of our hospital. And I am thankful for the opportunities we have to care for our community. I hope you too can adapt your resolutions to fit our “new normal.” I wish you a very Happy New Year. Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay thankful.