Look­ing Toward the Next Few Months

April 14, 2021

It seems we have been granted a much needed reprieve the last few months from the extraordinarily high COVID + inpatient census numbers. Thankfully, February and March saw average daily numbers of 10.82 and 3.61 respectively; a far cry from the 23 and 30 in December and January. While we are all grateful for the opportunity to take a deep breath, it is in no way advisable to assume the worst is over.

With this in mind and with the knowledge that nationwide, there is a 10% increase in new cases per day, an increase of 200 admissions per day, and a 3% increase in COVID related deaths per day, we should advocate for the vaccine with renewed emphasis. We should remain vigilant about using masks, handwashing and social distancing as a means of reducing exposure. We have come so far this past year! Keep a positive outlook. Remain focused on making smart decisions for everyone’s benefit. The more we can work together and focus our collective energy, intellect and resources on the challenges we face, the more we will be amazed at what we can achieve.


Penney Burlingame Deal, DHA
President & Chief Executive Officer