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Average Charges

To help you make informed healthcare decisions, Onslow Memorial Hospital provides estimated average charges for a range of services. It is important to note that final costs may vary depending on the specific tests or procedures ordered by your physicians, your medial condition or history, as well as additional items or services unique to your specific health needs. These are estimates only and not intended to be a quote or representative of your actual charges. Your final invoice could be more or less than these estimates based on your individualized care.

View the average estimated charges here


Hospital charges do not include supply charges or professional fees. For more regarding Emergency Department, Anesthesiology, Radiology or Hospitalist fees, please contact those organizations. 


Emergency Department Charges 

Alcoa Billing Center



Anesthesiology Charges 

Onslow Anesthesia Associates



Radiology Charges 

Coastal Radiology Associates

866-329-8030 (Billing)

424-500-8492 (Financial Assistance)


Hospitalist Charges