Our Hospital. Our Stories.

Our hospital is filled with amazing stories. These stories are important—they can tell of incredible kindness, trials & tribulations, and triumphs of the human mind and body. At Onslow Memorial, we understand the power of these stories and we’re constantly inspired by them.
That’s why we’re sharing real stories, from real members of the community and our staff. When it comes to our level of care at the hospital, we don’t want you to take our word for it, we want you to take theirs.

George Wegman, Patient

Mobility is not something George takes for granted. He’ll never forget the thrill of crossing the street in one try or the triumph of lifting his arm an inch higher than he could just a few weeks prior. And he credits it all to Onslow Cardiac Rehab. 

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Carolyn Hatcher, Patient

Shoulder replacements and other surgeries aren’t typically referred to as “pleasant experiences.” But when Carolyn received a shoulder replacement at Onslow Memorial’s Surgical Pavilion, she recalls an outstanding team and a very pleasant hospital experience. From nurses that were available around the clock, to an incredibly bright and clean facility, it was clear to Carolyn that Onslow Memorial is a place that truly cares about their patients. 

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Johanna Phelps, Patient

The moment Johanna was told she had cancer, she felt like every member of the Onslow Memorial team dropped what they were doing and made her feel important. Hear how from finding a lump, to her last day of treatment, Johanna had a care team that doubled as a support team, by her side every step of the way.

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Jaime Christiansen, Nurse

At Onslow Memorial, we recognize how important it is to have your support system by your side every step of the way. That’s why we provide patients and their families unrestricted visiting hours. Listen to Jaime, an RN on our fourth floor, explain Onslow Memorial’s unique approach to patient/family-centered care, and the ways it provides support and comfort not only to our patients but also to their loved ones.

Learn more about our Patient and Family Advisory Council and our organizational values.

Trish Kramer, Patient and Nurse

While the process of receiving a 3-D mammogram may seem similar to that of a standard mammogram, it’s the results that make the big difference. Hear Trish share her experience with Onslow Memorial’s Women’s Imagining services, the benefits of receiving a 3-D mammogram, and why she won’t go anywhere else.

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Lorraine Powers, Nurse, CNOR

Being a nurse is hard work and being a mother is too, especially being a mother of four active boys. Hear Lorraine share why Onslow Memorial Hospital is more than her proud place of employment—it’s where she goes to receive compassionate medical care for members of her family, time and time again.

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Charlotte Rodriguez, Patient

Accidents happen, and when they do Onslow Memorial is ready and waiting to provide you with exceptional patient care. Hear Charlotte’s story about how the staff at Onslow Memorial not only made her feel like she was a top priority but also comforted and cared for her concerned family members throughout her stay.

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Megan Vauiso, Ultrasound Tech

Onslow Memorial Hospital is always looking for ways to go above and beyond in caring for our patients, and one way we do that is equipping members of our staff with new technologies. Hear how the addition of a new Silent Scan MRI helps Meghan, an Ultrasound Technician, provide better and more efficient care to members of our community.

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Barb Cusack, Patient

Onslow Memorial helps deliver over 1,500 babies every year with the highest quality care, earning the Blue Distinction Center Plus award in 2017. Hear how Barb and her husband experienced the compassionate care of Onslow Memorial as we welcomed in one of the newest members of our community.

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John Chester, Patient's son

One of the greatest things about a community hospital is always being there for our neighbors and their families. See how John was able to help care for his aging parent right here in Jacksonville, with the quality care of Onslow Memorial.

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Jennifer Provost, Assistant Director of Imaging Services

There are so many ways our staff is driven to care for the people of our community. Hear one of the stories that serve as Jennifer’s motivation for always striving to give the best care possible, and why she finds working for the people of Onslow County so rewarding.

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Joann Walker, Patient

Sometimes surgery is the best option for improving your quality of life. Hear Joann’s story about her experience at Onslow Memorial and how SurgiCare helped her get back to the things she enjoys doing most.

From Women’s Imaging to da Vinci robotic surgery, learn more about our surgical offerings.

Tracie Kaszok, Ultrasound Tech

Onslow Memorial is constantly adding technologies and services so we can offer the highest quality of care. Hear some of the things Tracie is most excited about and how that helps her (and us) provide comfort and healing to our patients.

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